ZERO AFR for Area 12

Our Area 12 team is delighted to achieve an AFR of ZERO with 2.13 million hours worked since the last reportable incident in January 2018. During our previous MAC we achieved over 3 years and 4.5 million hours without a RIDDOR, but following the first year of the ASC in 2016 we experienced 3 RIDDORS in a 6-month period; all related to slips trips and falls.

We took speedy and decisive action with positive leadership aiming to reverse the trend with measures such as targeted safety stand downs across operational and site delivery teams focussing on changes, environment and behavioural issues. In addition we held a safety away day for  operational managers and supervisors. We also set up a supply chain safety improvement group to engage and collaborate on safety while actively  and widely promoting a wide range of activities and targets on our Wellbeing Improvement, Safety, Health and Environment Strategy (WISHES).

Perhaps the biggest single change that has improved safety across Area 12 is boosting the number of safety observations (or near misses) from 320 in 2017 to an impressive 634 in 2018, with the upward trend continuing with by 100 each month so far in 2019.


We reinvigorated the process for raising safety observations process early in 2018 by continuous promotion, introduction of a monthly incentive for the best learning opportunity, introducing a mobile ‘App’ as an alternative method to submit and providing regular feedback about the observations and what we are doing about them.

Each Thursday we hold a safety observation review meeting attended by around 20 operational managers and supervisors as well as the Area 12 safety, health and environment team. Every safety observation submitted is reviewed with appropriate immediate actions undertaken and any preventative measures actioned and captured to avoid reoccurrence.

Our goal was to get back to ZERO and our aim is to now sustain that through preventative action.