Zero Accident Frequency Rate in Area 4

 Our team in Area 4 proudly achieved ZERO Accident Frequency Rate (AFR).

This means that no person within the business and throughout the supply chain has had a serious injury within the last 12 months, totalling 1,463,015 million safe hours worked.


Working collaboratively with our supply chain and Highways England we have focused on positive interventions such as pre-work briefing workshops, pro-active lunch and learn sessions and working groups on service avoidance; plant interface, incursion training and PPE.

Safety observation champions have been introduced providing all-round confidence to challenge and be challenged on unsafe situations and behaviours.

These new and engaging measures have all played a key part in embedding and improving Area 4 safety culture.

Chris Sheppard, General Manager said: “Our performance and commitment to health, safety and wellbeing has been exceptional over the past 12 months. To achieve this outstanding milestone is commendable to everyone within our Area 4 team and one we should all be proud, especially working in what is a very challenging and dangerous environment’.