Winter Parade

The winter parade in Area 4 is an annual event to demonstrate that we are prepared and ready to deal with the season ahead.

During the winter parade, all 20 gritting routes have a full route run, ploughs are checked and fitted on and off the gritter and any minor defects are identified and actioned with the support of our maintenance supplier, Colas Mechanical Services.  Spare area gritters and national spares also have a 20KM non-motorway maintenance run as well.

This event signifies to all involved with winter maintenance from salting operatives, winter managers and our client, that winter has started, and we are equipped and ready.

It also offers a perfect opportunity to provide awareness of winter operations for new starters or staff who are new to winter weather maintenance, offering a bit more understanding about this side of the operation.

We have received excellent feedback from our client Highways England for past winter parades and this year has been no exception. Thanks to the winter maintenance team for organising the event and demonstrating our winter-readiness.

Pictured above Stanford Depot and below our 6 other Area 4 depots.

Weatherhill Depot

Polegate Depot

Marley Lane Depot

Ford Depot

Farthing Corner Depot

Coldharbour Depot