War on Plastic

With World Environment Day on 5 June our Environmental Focus Group decided to look more closely at into the theme set by the United Nations Beat Plastic Pollution – If you can’t reuse it, refuse it”.

Our Area 12 team held a lunchtime seminar which included an Institute of Environmental Management Assessment (IEMA) webinar on plastics and then discussed practical actions to reduce plastic waste.

They also asked colleagues to make a pledge on how they could reduce single-use plastic in their personal lives offering a prize for ideas put into practice that made the best impact for the business. We had an amazing response to this and ideas are still coming in.

A quick change made in the area office and some of the depots is switching to returnable glass milk bottles rather than plastic cartons both reducing the number of new bottles needed and plastic to landfill.

Our Area 4 team had a week-long campaign #BeatPlasticPollution encourage people to find alternatives to single use plastics while promoting a selfie challenge. And, a special presentation and TED talk was screened on plastic pollution, micro plastics and ecological damage.

A new bio-degradable hazard tape has also been introduced here and and into the supply chain as an alternative to single use plastic hazard tape. Traditional plastic tapes often break-up and get blown around the network. The bio degradable alternative will decompose in 6 months when mixed with the soil avoiding helping to reduce debris and litter risk to the environment, road workers and road users.

The war on plastic has been share in our company magazine and included some top tops for reducing every-day use of plastic.

Top Tips

  • Buy your own reusable cup for your coffee/tea
  • Reusable straws instead of plastic
  • Have a pack of reusable cutlery in your bag
  • Have a reusable bottle for water
  • Keep a reusable bag for your shopping
  • Take your own container for lunch on the go


To learn more about the devastating effects of plastic pollution and what you can do to help visit https://lessplastic.co.uk/.