Tyre Pressure Day

Our environmental team have been busy raising awareness of how we can reduce fuel usage and emissions. They organised and arranged a ‘check your tyre pressure day’ which involved checking car tyre pressures and examining tread depth using special infra-red equipment.

During the event 37 cars were checked and the team used the opportunity to speak to lots of staff about how to drive more economically as well as the benefits.     

All participants received a special information pack about keeping your tyres safe, how and when to check them which included the new Highways England Space Invaders campaign, click here to learn more. The campaign encourages drivers to stay safe and stay back from the vehicle in front. The ‘check your tyre pressure day’ also raised £45 from donations made by people who had their tyres checked.

The event is part of a bigger plan to significantly reduce our carbon return numbers over the coming months following an initial sustainable transport survey. For the next phase we are starting to look at how we can make better use of Skype and our video conferencing facilities.

Coming up next is a special environment away day for supervisors and our supply chain to raise awareness of risk assessments and ecology, waste compliance and environmental management systems. This event is shaping up to be informative, interesting and even ‘entertaining’.  One not to miss!

Thanks to Adele Wiseman, Matthew Williams and Tom O’Connor for organising the day.