Transport Scotland visit

During May, A-one+ and Highways England hosted a visit from Transport Scotland. The purpose of the visit was to share our joint learning of collaborative programme planning.

The visit included introductions to both organisations, Highways England and A-one+ as well as talking about why we collaborate and how we implemented the approach on our maintenance schemes.

There was an opportunity to ‘walk the boards’. The ‘boards’ are full size working notice boards erected at key points near operational teams. We demonstrated how they are used with real practitioners talking the visitors through the process from start to finish and showing real examples of collaborative programme planning taking place.

The notice boards are used for joint production meetings allowing both organisations to; plan, do, check and act on progress together also offering transparency, shared problem solving and learning and driving action.

The benefits we are looking to achieve are;  understanding the workload of partners and avoiding silo working, aligning the new type of contract, being more efficient, improving scheme reliability and avoiding last quarter surge.

Three schemes where this approach has been used have all demonstrated success in all the areas we are looking for improvements. All three resulted in substantial cost savings, increased scheme reliability and faster delivery.

Collaborative programme planning means that the project partners operate as one team focusing on task and output and taking shared ownership creating the necessary conditions for lean delivery.

While there has been clear successes we are still adapting and addressing lessons learned to continue improving but both organisations are delighted with results so far.

One of the visitors fed back ‘Many thanks for this and for the hospitality shown to us during our visit last week. We really appreciated you all taking time out of your busy work schedules to share your lean journey with us.  

Clearly there are lots of lean opportunities for Transport Scotland and our operating companies and lots for us now to go off and think about. We’ll definitely get back in touch with any arising questions as we take things forward.’

If this collaborative programme planning sounds interesting and you want to learn more please get in touch using our contact page.