Safety Away Day

We recognise the challenging role of a supervisor or manager of people carrying out work on our network and the responsibilities we all have for the safety of ourselves, each other, our supply chain and customers.

To help our supervisors and managers we hosted a safety away day.

The purpose of this away day is to help is better understand our roles and responsibilities and to find out where we might need to re-iterate standards or provide additional support. It is also an opportunity to open dialogue about issues, concerns and ideas and to build on the brilliant team we have in place.

Clive Leadbetter, Managing Director, A-one+ opened the event and set the scene. We had an informative presentation about managers and supervisors’ safety responsibilities from a legal perspective including; role and purpose of enforcement officers, prosecutions, fines and imprisonment, recent prosecutions and sentencing.

Following this there was a powerful presentation called ‘a supervisor’s view’ which was delivered by a supervisor in the industry who experienced a fatality on-site. The incident is still being investigated but the consequences of the event on that individual and the rest of their team are deep, far reaching and still ongoing.

One attendee commented that although they feel that their duties are carried out accordingly and responsibly, the view of this supervisor was a real wake-up call and will help combat complacency.

The event ended with a reminder of A-one+ roles and responsibilities and a discussion about start of shift briefing, which is a crucial part of ensuring the whole team knows what the shift involves, who is on site, what to expect, PPE & equipment requirements and what and how risks have been mitigated.

At A-one+ we believe everyone has the right to come to work without fear of injury and to go home safely at the end of their shift. Regular open sessions with our teams is just one of the tools we use to ensure that safety is fully embedded into the culture of our business. All our employees are empowered to stop if they feel unsafe or believe there is a risk to themselves or their team.