New and existing staff are provided with numerous training opportunities during their time with A-one+. This is not only to ensure they understand what is required from their daily duties in the company, but also to receive civil engineering training to enhance their wider development.

There are many different roles to fill within A-one+, covering the likes of asset management, road design, road construction and environmental engineering. Across those capabilities, a large proportion of work is completed in the office. To set you up for success, there are various training opportunities.

Computer skills are integral, but what’s required depends on the role. Therefore, a designer will often use CAD software to visualise and edit their designs, whereas asset managers will need to use software to perform calculations and monitor resources. Well, no matter what your role is, A-one+ can help you get the extra training you need to improve.

Working on sites will require a more practical set of skills, which can be tough to develop without acquiring diverse experience from a company like A-one+. Fortunately, we can ease you into your duties by providing hands-on training from seasoned experts. They will be close by to inform you of the desired standards.

Alongside your core duties, it’s also vital to have health and safety training. This is to let you complete your work safely each day without incurring unnecessary risks. You can visit the health and safety page for details on the various measures we have taken to improve standards.

Prospective staff and applicants should also view our career development page to read about our other forms of training. A-one+ is committed to developing highly trained civil engineers who excel at their jobs.

For any training queries, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.