Diversity and Inclusion

Recognising diversity and inclusion is an essential requirement to developing talent, retaining skills and employee engagement and improving inclusion and diversity is a long term commitment to changing attitude and behaviours.

Here at A-one+ our progress is monitored through employee surveys and our aim to achieve Investors in Diversity (IID) accreditation.

Our approach focuses on respect as a key driver and fundamental for healthy working relationships internally and externally. We have an A-one+ Inclusion Policy that you can read by clicking  here.

We are committed to achieving IID stage 2 and have a steering group responsible for creating an action plan and ensuring delivery.

Accreditation started with a survey covering employees and a number of external stakeholders. The results of the survey helped us realise what already do and what works well with good feedback such as ‘believe A-one+ does a good job of including everyone’ ‘we look positively at creating a flexible working environment’.

The survey also revealed that we needed to deliver more targeted communications and training and diversity issues.

We undertake a range of activity to promote inclusion such as supporting STEM Ambassador programme carrying out educational activities to promote technical careers in schools. In just one area last year we reached 800 young people.

A-one+ are also proud supporters of Women in Engineering Day recognising that women are under-represented in technical fields and educating employees about unconscious bias. Open training sessions were run raising awareness throughout the day.

Click to see our employee handbook called  A-one+ Inclusion and You which explains what we are doing and why and how we can support our employees.

Part of our commitment is to keep our employees informed about progress on  improving workplace culture. Keep up to date by reading our monthly Inclusion and You newsletters Issue 1 April 2017  Issue 2 May 2017 Issue 3 June 2017 and now quarterly Issue 4 October 2017

We wanted to find another way of demonstrating our commitment so we recently asked our executive leadership team what they thought diversity and inclusion means. We shared their thoughts on our social media sites go to our news article Commitment to Inclusion to see what they all thought and learn more.

Over the last three years we have used activities promoting wellbeing to encourage inclusive behaviour. In addition to offering mini health MOT’s and regular targeted campaigns we continue to raise awareness of mental health issues and have recently introduced a programme of training to implement mental health first aiders.

Rewarding inclusive behaviour through our GRIT awards on a quarterly and annual basis. We have GRIT thank you cards enabling colleagues to show their appreciation to colleagues on a day to day basis rewarding positive behaviour.

Inclusion activities help with personal development, expanding the abilities and confidence of individuals.

Our flexible working approach has resulted in every person returning to work after taking maternity leave; we also have an excellent record of rehabilitating long term sick.

A-one+ is registered with MINDFUL EMPLOYER.

The Charter for Employers who are positive about Mental Health is a voluntary agreement seeking to support employers in working within the spirit of its positive approach. The Charter is one element of MINDFUL EMPLOYER® initiative which is aimed at increasing awareness of mental health in the work place and supporting businesses in recruiting and retaining staff.

A wide range of employers from all over the UK are involved in the initiative which gives businesses and organisations easier access to information, practical support, training, networks and assistance from other employers.

More information at www.mindfulemployer.net.




Across our business we have 28 volunteer Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA’s) who have now completed their two day training course. The training is designed to enable them to develop skills to support anyone experiencing mental health issues.

We advertise our volunteers with details of how they can be contacted. They are available to help anyone who feels they need help with mental health issues, including stress and depression, and all conversations with MHFAs are completely confidential .

MHFAs are not assigned to particular departments: you are free to contact whoever you think can help support you best.

For more information go to https://mhfaengland.org/