Health and Wellbeing

A-one+ is committed to improving health and safety standards wherever possible. Each year, new steps are taken to ensure our people feel safe and secure in their daily duties. For every new and existing team member, we want them to know we’re doing everything possible.

We have a Wellbing, Improvement, Safety, Health and Environment Safety Strategy with the aim ‘To keep all those working for and on behalf of A-one+ safe and free from harm and for everyone to return home from work safely and in good health’.

We review and update this each year click here to see the WISHES 2018/19 booklet. We brief all our teams on the strategy and hand them a booklet to keep and refer to.

We also provide a simpler poster version for notice boards as a timely reminder to all.

WISHES explained.

Wellbeing initiatives have had a significant impact on the culture we see throughout our business
today. We are wholly committed to removing the stigma around mental health and for it to be
understood and discussed in the same way as physical injuries.

Improvement and inclusion is crucial. Having a diverse and inclusive workforce enables us through
the strength of our differences to challenge unsafe acts, generate new ideas and deliver improved
performance. I personally empower you with the authority to stop if you feel unsafe or believe that
there is a risk to you or your team.

Safety is integral to our business; it is “our licence to operate”. We understand the environment and
the challenges our staff face while working on the high-speed network and we will never stop trying
to make it a safer place.

Health is one of our enablers. This means that we develop and maintain health and safety guidance, management systems and support, that our plans are directly aligned to Highways England Health and Safety Five Year Plan. We commit to improving competency and skills and raising awareness of health and safety matters.

Environment acknowledges our responsibility to create a future through improving our understanding of environmental sustainability and how we apply it in our workplace and broader community.

Strategy is our plan of action designed to achieve long-term overall aim Remember it is your responsibility to both yourself and other road users to stay well and keep everyone safe.

The aim is met with targeted plans for wellbeing, health & safety and environment which we are all responsible for achieving actions contained within.

Staff are issued with a Be Safe card on induction to the company to prevent and to stop unsafe activity.

And, each network area has dedicated observation reporting numbers with site visits regularly undertaken to ensure safety standards are being followed.

Many of our innovative solutions are brought about to improve the safety of our staff and are developed from their ideas and with their input. Check out our capabilities section for more detail.

We are also committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our staff and have a team of advocates who champion the health, wellbeing and inclusion of colleagues by promoting campaigns. The topics are chosen by survey each year an include raising awareness of mental health, creating posters to highlight the signs of depression, reminders about summer and winter working and  offering DIY health checks and flu jab vouchers.

We are consistently recognised by several awarding bodies for the work we do to support our staff and continue to improve our support year on year thanks to the hard work an dedication of the local area teams.


Our aim is to create a mentally healthy place for people to work. One of the ways we support this is through investing in a team of specially trained Mental Health First Aiders whose role is to give help to someone experiencing a mental health problem before professional help is obtained. It does not teach people to be therapists but it gives people skills to notice symptoms and provide initial help and support.

Our first team of volunteer first aiders have received their training and are already in conversation.

Find out more about this crucial role here.

Fighting the stigma together.


The company has previously worked with the County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation to raise health and safety standards over a multi-year period.

Ultimately, this led to A-one+ being recognised as 2014 Health Employer of the Year, while also receiving a Silver Better Health at Work award along with Foundation and Bronze Darlington Investors in Health awards. The following outcomes were proven for our staff:

• Fewer absences due to sickness
• Lower staff turnover
• Improved employee morale and motivation

To maintain our standards, A-one+ also had to demonstrate close links within our community and to network with external partners that could help us to keep getting better.

This initiative has been rolled out throughout A-one+ and shared with parent companies and other contractors.

One of our more specific measures has been to partner with the Road Workers Safety Forum. Moving forward, A-one+ wants to devise highway engineering initiatives and developments that can be implemented to improve health and safety standards for our road workers.

In terms of perspective, the forum has the ideal makeup of industry stakeholders, including highway engineering professionals from government bodies, enforcement agencies, contractors, designers and various other organisations.

A-one+ joined forces with the forum back in 2007 and has already addressed several priority topics. A particular success was our involvement in trials for sign simplification, which has already resulted in a safer working environment. At a glance, future topics include:

• Improving standards of occupational health and behavioural safety
• Reducing the number of incursions into work areas
• Enhancing driver awareness of road works

For any health and safety queries, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.

Keeping safe is a key company value and A-one+ has been using behavioural science and psychology to improve safety throughout the business. This innovative method brings together blue and white collar workers to raise awareness of the consequences of unsafe behaviours of which are the cause of 90% of accidents.

Read more about this unique method of driving safety improvements here Cultural Behavioural Safety solution