Inspiring the Future

Our Area 12 STEM ambassadors got busy this summer and geared up to welcome 29 school children for a ‘Bring your Child to Work’ day.

The invitation was open to all employees in Area 12 to bring their child, grandchild between ages 8-16 to experience a day in working environment. This is the second time the STEM team has organised this event and this time it was even bigger and better.

The day started with children spending time with their parent or grandparent learning more about what they do during a day at work as well as meeting their work colleagues.

The STEM ambassadors welcomed our young visitors starting with an introduction to A-one+. They went on to explain how what we do keeps the strategic road network safe and free flowing and how that is vital to our economy. They also completed an A-one+ safety induction which includes a breathalyser test: thankfully they all passed…

The children were split into separate groups devised to give each one a detailed insight into the varied aspects of our work.

There was a bridge building competition where sub-teams were pitted against each other to build a bridge from just paper. The final structures were measured by how much weight they could withstand.

In another session the groups learned about CAD software and how we go about designing roads and infrastructure. After some training the children were able to design a traffic sign and then draw a house providing a real opportunity to experience design.


And finally, there was a plant and machinery demonstration with mock traffic management display, delivering a powerful safety message to future road users. The groups practiced writing their own message and it’s possible some of them were ready for lunch break… There ‘may’ have been a bit of checking that the horn on the gritter was working properly too!


It was a very busy and enjoyable ‘Bring your Child to Work Day’ with brilliant bridges, budding designers and high excitement at the plant, equipment and traffic management demonstration area. Thank you to our willing and lively audience and thank you to all our Area 12 team for organising and hosting a hugely successful day. Hopefully we have inspired  some future engineers#STEM #enjoywhatwedo

To learn more about STEM and how you can get involved click here.