Innovation Incubator

Meeting the needs of stringent efficiency targets is never an easy feat to achieve. At A-one+ the team recently tried a new way of fostering ideas.

Introducing the innovation incubator.

The idea itself was born from the need to create a ‘new’ and ‘innovative’ way capturing and adopting ideas.

And so, the innovation incubator was created The forum is run in-conjunction with the continuous improvement process and the idea is to generate enthusiasm and harness ideas from a cross section of staff and people who already have an interest. Around 10-12 attended the initial get together.

The group held a brain storm session and grouped the findings into three areas.

  • Sometime we need to find a solution to a problem
  • Sometimes we are just looking at developing an idea
  • Sometimes we are already designing ideas into schemes


The group then acted as a ‘hopper’ and sieved the ideas into three areas

  • Just do it is it’s a small change that doesn’t demonstrate working towards efficiency targets
  • Just do it but capture through continuous improvement if it demonstrates benefits and goes toward meeting efficiency targets
  • Needs development if it is something that looks like a positive contributor but requires trials or partnering for example


The hopper keeps a shortlist of the ideas that require some development with each idea assigned to an owner to be nurtured to delivery