Forum for the Future

Last week we held our second annual Area 4 supply chain event ‘Forum for the Future’. This was a follow on from the hugely successful inaugural event in 2017.

The event included a conference, exhibition area and outdoor vehicle and product demonstration area. Once again there was an impressive turnout of around 140 supply chain partners and stakeholders, in fact it was almost standing room only for the conference element.


This year the programme included several interesting and informative presentations from our team and Highways England around local issues, delivery challenges,  smart motorway plans going forward and serious questions about post BREXIT challenges which will impact heavily in Area 4.


We also heard from Highways England Traffic Officers, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust and supply chain partners FM Conway and HW Martin.


Some key take aways from the day include;

  • ‘We are stronger as a collective, it’s the only way we can deliver for the client AND the customer.’
  • ‘Collaborative delivery, turning challenge into opportunity.’
  • ‘Talk to us, talk to each other and let’s find better solutions together.’

Graeme Steward from Highways England and Peter Radford from Turner & Townsend spoke about the Kent corridor being crucial to the wellbeing of the UK economy and the collective challenge to ensure it remains resilient and fit for purpose. They also told the forum that the Kent Corridor Coordination Group signed their agreed charter last week to ensure smooth, safe and sensible delivery of strategic outcomes.  This team charter ethos is one that can and will be replicated in other network areas.


During the afternoon we covered, health and safety, mental health and listened to a moving presentation from Kent Supported Employment and how A-one+ now employs 2 new starters from this route to employment for people with disabilities and disadvantages. We also heard a rousing commentary from Dr Ajay Sharman about bridging the skills gap, STEM learning and the wide and varied benefits of becoming an ambassador.


One delegate commented; ‘Lot’s of really interesting talks at A-one+ Forum for the Future. From BREXIT to smart motorways to mental health, key issues have been addressed in an informative, engaging and analytical manner.’

If you would like to attend next year or would an opportunity to get involved by exhibiting or speaking then please get in touch. We would like to thank Highways England for their support in the success of this event and look forward to 2019!

List of speakers

Graeme Steward, Highways England and Peter Radford, Turner & Townsend, Associate Director

Karen Davies, Highways England

Nick Burman, FM Conway, Business Development Manager

Richard Street, A-one+ Head of SHE Area 4 and Wendy Dempster, A-one+, SHE Manager

Steven  Moakes, Highways England Traffic Officer

Julie Clare, Head of Corporate Relations, Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Trust

Adrian McCrow,Highways England, Smart Motorways Regional Sponsor

Ian Kay, FW Martin, Group Strategic Development Manager

Gill Lane, A-one+, SHE Administrator

Phillip Hetherington, Highways England, Health and Safety Manager Operations, Areas 3,4 & 5)

Shonagh Patterson, Volker Laser, Project Manager and David James, A-one+ , Site Agent

Mark Parrin, Employer Coordinator, Kent Supported Employment

Dr Ajay Sharman, STEM Ambassador


Supply chain partners at the event

Blu-3 (UK)


CD Fencing

Chevron TM

DeAngelo Brothers UK Ltd

FM Conway

Hailsham Roadway Construction

Highways Care Hi-Way Services Ltd

HW Martin

Maurer UK ltd


R&W Civil Engineering

Rhino Asphalt Solutions


Universal Sealant UK Ltd (USL)

Volker Laser

TMP Solutions


Peacock Salt

Speedy Services

Gap Group

Safety Vehicles

Lower Thames Crossing

Kent Supported Employment


Air Ambulance

Highways England Traffic Officers

Manage mentors