Environmental Schemes

From motorways to mileposts we have been carrying out several environmental schemes across Area 12 recently to enhance the surrounding landscape and protect our heritage.

Reducing Visual Impact for Area 12

Residents impact ratings are based using sensitivity and number and size of receptors in an area, for example the number of residents at a location. The M621 near Ibbetson Oval  and M62 near Methley Lanes rated high enough to take action.

We developed solutions to screen plant and enhance the landscape to minimise impact at these and 8 more locations over 2018/19 so far. Planting a thin belt of low growing trees and shrub mix will reduce and in time eliminate the usual impact for residents. In addition, robust and viable planting will enhance the future biodiverse value of the soft estate.

M62 near Methley Lanes

Milepost Maintenance

Six longstanding stone and cast-iron mileposts have been restored to conserve the historical features and enhance cultural heritage. Two are located on the A616 at Midhopstones and 4 on the A64 near Scampston Hall and East Heslerton and were in a state of degradation, hidden by overgrown vegetation.

Following a short programme of improvements, we cleared vegetation, removed rust and other detritus and repainted them in consultation with the Milestone Society.

The features are now returned to significance, marking the road network developed in the 19th century and still used today.


What else have we been doing?

Installation of an interpretation panel at The Aberford Dykes by the A1M where there is one of few visible sections of the Scheduled Monument dating back 2,500 years.


And, Phase 1 of a Grassland Enhancement Corridor on the A64 helping improve and restore biodiversity, more to follow on this soon…