Environmental Recognition

A-one+ has been awarded the Costain Resource Efficiency Matrix Gold Certificate for reducing our impact on the environment and managing our carbon footprint combined with efficiency savings for our client, Highways England.

We’re always looking at ways to be a responsible business, particularly when it comes to working and operating sustainability. Finding standard ways to measure and compare environmental sustainability and efficiency is crucial for our industry to help us keep improving.

Our parent company Costain, launched their Resource Efficiency Matrix (REM) in 2018 to understand how each of their contracts measure and manage key elements within their business such as:

·         carbon

·         energy

·         material use

·         waste

We examined our operational methods and processes and identified ways we could develop innovative and sustainable methods of construction.

The matrix has three levels: bronze, silver and gold. It works by setting questions to determine how each contract can develop an environmental improved approach to their operations.  The questions cover several topics; electricity, fuel, water, materials, carbon and leadership.

We’ve submitted several case studies as evidence of progress in each of the key areas. For instance, we’ve demonstrated our drive to reduce our carbon footprint using a Solartainer generator for three long-term maintenance schemes, providing approximately 90% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to a conventional diesel generator.  Solartainers are created from shipping containers with solar panels that harvest energy providing an autonomous off-grid power supply.

Another example is where we’ve used energy efficient LED lights with a passive infrared sensor function at our maintenance depot salt barns. These sensors help reduce energy consumption by detecting objects in the form of heat switching on selected lights triggered by vehicles entering the salt barn.

We’ve also used a concrete barrier installation method called Extrudakerb an in-situ system which uses less concrete while maintaining the impact standards required by Highways England. Providing evidence for the matrix we were able to capture and highlight the benefits for the whole life cycle of using this method which equated to 16 % less CO2eq emissions than traditional concrete safety barriers.

Since the launch we achieved bronze certificate in 2018, silver certificate in 2019 and finally the Gold certificate in July 2020 for both our Area 12 and Area 4 asset support contracts, we’re really proud to receive this recognition. It shows that we’re operating more sustainably as a business, focusing on reducing waste and carbon and protecting our natural resources. 

A-one+ is a joint venture between Jacobs, Colas and Costain promoting excellent solutions to safely deliver customer focused highways services.


 For more information visit www.aone.co.uk    www.colas.co.uk  www.costain.com  www.jacobs.com

For further details contact Debra Thurley on 07795 542 994 or by email at debra.thurley@aone.uk.com