Developing Trainees

A visit to a major construction site on the A160 was arranged for our civil engineer apprentices and developing technicians and engineers. This was the first opportunity for them see the development of major works.

The visit was arranged as part of ongoing development of staff within A-one+ and a good opportunity to gain practical insight and understanding of construction operations.

The visit started with a presentation and was followed by a detailed escorted visit to specific areas of the site.

The presentation gave an overview of the project as a whole, discussing the challenges and pro-active communication with neighbouring residents and businesses affected by the works. They were shown plans of the proposals for the project, including new interchanges, construction of a dual carriageway and construction of new bridges.

This project is one of the lead contracts in the country to successfully implement the Building Information Modeling (BIM) system.

The presentation also included a brief overview of some of the functions of BIM, and how it has been implemented within the project to improve asset management.

Extensive details about each asset are stored on BIM system to provide details for the full life cycle of the assets, including lighting column outages, supplying details for maintenance and, once the asset is life expired, details for removal.

Through this activity, our workforce has been given an insight into the workings of a major construction site, helping their personal and professional development.