Customer Services Week

We have been celebrating National Customer Service Week recently. It is an annual event that takes place over 5 consecutive days and is an opportunity to raise awareness of customer service and the vital role it plays in successful business practice and the growth of the UK economy.

This year it was held over 1 Oct to 5 Oct and we decided to use the week as a way of sharing some insight into the team and how good customer service benefits us and our business.

Day 1 we talked about customer enquiries which can range between a customer wanting to pre-plan a journey, tracing some lost items or complaining about road closures. Between June 7 2016 when the contract with A-one+ started and September this year we have dealt with 14,847 customer enquiries just in Area 4.  Out of the 14,847 enquiries 727 were complaints and 347 were compliments.

Day 2 highlighted the number of bags of waste collected from the Area 4 network since the start of the contract back in June 2016. The total number of bags removed was 16,558 removed from around 127 kilometres of motorway network in this area and that compares to a waste bag around every 0.007 kilometres or every 7 metres, we have also been working with various Local Authorities on sharing traffic management with them to allow their crews to work safely when clearing litter.

Day 3 we shared insight about safety inspections which cover 3,187km of network and includes; carriageway, signage, green estate, structures, drainage, barriers, signals and lighting. Our inspectors cover the network in swathes to ensure the safety of the asset.

Day 4 and since the contract with A-one+ started in Area 4 we have identified, investigated and rectified 9,931 safety defects.

Throughout the week we got to know more about the customer and stakeholder team; Sue Moss, Tracey Arnold, Debbie Watts and Chris Carter. We also learned about which areas of the network they cover, what other previous experience they bring to the team, their current role and responsibilities and areas of expertise.

On day 5 we ended the week by celebrating the 30th birthday of team member Chris who was challenged to get 30 selfies from customers and colleagues! Well done to Chris who met his challenge and happy National Customer Service Week to all.