Commitment to Inclusion

One of our five company values is about developing, valuing and respecting our people. We wanted to demonstrate how serious we are about achieving this and creating an inclusive environment for our business, we also wanted to show just how important for our  leaders that we foster that culture and behaviour.

We recently asked our  executive leadership team what they thought about inclusion and diversity, what it means to them and what they are going to do about it.

We didn’t want to create another poster or newsletter or send another email, instead we decided to share their thoughts on social media.

If you have a twitter account you can see what that looks like here.

Clive feels that it is about recognition and praise. 

Ann feels that is more about creating an environment of respect and opportunity.

For Steve its simply about being valued and celebrating difference.

Brian suggested it is about creating a comfortable and respectful environment.

Acceptance, appreciation and respect for Chris

And Richie felt much the same.

All slightly different words but very much suggesting that they all want to create an environment of  value, appreciation, respect, acceptance, recognition and opportunity.