Waste Segregation Facility


Delivering scheme waste to waste disposal sites meant drivers travelling long distances and additional time spent queuing waiting to tip. This was creating inefficiencies that we felt could be improved.


Area 4 Programmer, Ian Eldred, developed, trialled and implemented a mobile waste segregation facility in situ at one of the depots.

The new waste segregation facility stores and sorts waste collected from road sweeping and gullies before sending on for recycling. The system works by emptying the semi liquid waste collection into a separator which sorts the solids and liquids into separate units.

The separator units are stored next to the tipper container and removed by the waste contractor ’Sweeptech’ for disposal.

This in-situ method eliminates travel time to the waste disposal site mid-shift and because there is no queue to empty waste at the depots, down-time is removed from the process. In addition, the reduced travelling and queueing time helps prevent driver fatigue and stress as well as a reduction in fuel use.

During the 25-trip trial, based at our Cold Harbour depot we saved:

  • 48 working hours
  • 471 miles driving
  • Around 167.9 tonnes of waste recycled (of which 57 tonnes of sand recycled and returned to A-one+ for use)