Skid Resistant Resurfacing with new ‘Ultigrip’


While planning design for a resurfacing scheme on a busy junction slip road we looked for an alternative mix to provide better surface grip.


With our supply partner Tarmac we developed the innovative Ultigrip design solution which uses a bauxite aggregate and durable clear binder to give a tough, textured finish and long term skid resistance, even on heavily trafficked sites. This was an important consideration in this location where the geometric layout results in a high sideways force being exerted on the surface.

Although the initial material cost is greater than a comparable conventional solution, the whole life cost savings, customer benefit and roadworker safety benefits are impressive. This includes an estimated £500k efficiency saving, reduction of 28 nights when this key junction is closed to customers, and a reduced manpower requirement working on site of around 2,800 hours. This design solution has been recognised by the Considerate Constructors Scheme and added to the national best practice hub.


 The work took place on the A64 westbound on and off slip roads at the Askham Bryan junction with the A1237 York Outer Ring Road and completed over 4 nights. 2,450m2 of carriageway with was resurfaced with 40mm Ultigrip surface course, 950m2 with red coloured surfacing and 280m2 with buff coloured high friction surfacing and 1,445m of white lining was laid and 250 road studs fitted.