Safe Green Estate Maintenance


Maintaining road side verges and soft estates presents a number of challenges. Protecting the safety of our road workers is a key priority and this usually means putting static road closures in place to enable a number of operatives to carry out maintenance by hand safely.


A-one+ has become the first tier 1 contractor to invest in a UNIMOG. It stands for ‘Universal-Motergerat’ which roughly translated means universal motorised implement machine and is a multi-purpose, all terrain utility vehicle designed with extreme off-road capabilities.

We opted for a dual-cab model with parallel operating long arm, enabling work to be carried out both sides of the carriageway while the vehicle is driving in the safest direction. Versatile de-mountable equipment attachments include: a long arm upright strimmer, spin strimmer for barrier posts, ground mowers, debris blowers, chipper and free zone cutter; allowing for year round use.

The vehicle has the highest standard fuel efficient technology and is classed as clean and efficient; it is registered as a mowing machine but is insured and fuelled for road use with a top speed of 56mph enabling it to travel direct to the area of work without the need for a low-loader.

The UNIMOG is operated as a mobile road closure which has two major benefits for safety and increased productivity. Standing road closure puts a minimum of four operatives at great risk working road side and using the UNIMOG removes that risk entirely, the operator is also well protected from impact by sitting at the front while working. In an average shift around 16km are covered by a soft estates verge clearing team of at least four: the UNIMOG expects to cover 24km in the same shift uses only two operatives and can be used day and night increasing productivity across every level.

Two members of our team spent a full week at South Cave Tractors receiving in-depth training on the complex machinery and attachments with the intention to train at least six other members of staff over the coming weeks so the UNIMOG can be utilised throughout the network.