Remote Controlled Site Access Gates


Traditional traffic management layouts at road closures use manually operated plastic barriers. The operative responsible for enforcement manually opens the gate to allow site access to works vehicles. Historically we have experienced a number of near misses where members of the public attempt to enter a road closure, putting the lives of our road worker at risk.

For example over the last five year period there has been 458 near miss instances recorded just in one network area. Recently a gateman was struck by an un-authorised vehicle leading to a reportable incident.


Following the incident we set up a working group with the specific purpose of reducing the potential for un-authorised vehicle access to restricted areas. Members included representatives from A-one+, our parent company Colas’s Traffic Management and Highways Resource Solutions (manufacturers of Intellicone Safelane system). The group worked together to identify ways to improve its site access control with the aim of removing manual gate operation at road closures.

Partnering with supplier Electric gates Ltd, A-one+ and Colas were able to develop a remotely controlled gate. Readi-Guard. The new system has been trialled within A-one+ and was subject to a number of improvements resulting from deployment on site and feedback from operatives. We added solar power to sustain longer term works and introduced retro-reflective materials to boost visibility in unlit areas.

The overall benefits include:

  • Removing the need for manual operation of gates at site access points
  • Providing a substantial deterrent to prevent un-authorised vehicles from attempting to enter works areas that are restricted to the public
  • Providing increased protection to gatemen and operatives working within the closure.