JuMP Mentoring


Aiming to attract, develop and retain the best talent within the industry.


Junior and Mid-level Professionals network UK (JuMP) is a multi-faceted approach to skills development. JuMP is run by a network of volunteer colleagues within A-one+ whose parent company is CH2M and with support of senior managers.

The scheme was created in 2012 with a vision to make the company a workplace of choice for junior and mid-level professionals.

The network incorporates five committees led by network members who take responsibility for the committee aims and activities.

The JuMP vision is supported by the mission, which is:

  • To foster a culture that invests in developing the future leaders of the business
  • To maximise the potential of junior and mid-level staff
  • To better understand and bridge cross business group and project gaps
  • To enhance morale and retention

The network incorporates five committees, run by volunteer members.

  • Mentorship and professional development – to help JuMPers achieve their goals
  • JuMP into action – to organise social committes
  • JuMP communications – to provide central communications
  • JuMP conference – networking and learning opportunities
  • Office representatives – providing a link to the network in each office

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Membership is optional with a chair chosen from previous year’s committee leads who are chosen by members, this group forms the panel.

This initiative is supported by a budget split among the five committees. Network members are then able to choose which events and activities they take part in to tailor their own development.

The office committee is responsible for maintaining the channels of communication to network members and a specific Yammer group has been integral in creating discussion and sharing ideas.

The committees record lessons learnt throughout the year to gauge success and pass on to the next year’s panel through a cycle of continuous improvement.

The benefits to employs are huge. JuMP provides access to an integrated resource for continuous professional development, learning events, professional qualification guidance, mentoring and networking opportunities.