IPV No Strikes Driver Education Programme


Between June 2009 and December 2013 A-one+ experienced eight road user strikes on our Impact Protection Vehicles (IPV) while our operatives were working in the live carriageway.


The IPV is used on the majority of our work. The rear mounted crash cushion is designed to gradually absorb impact energy and protect our operatives while they work.

The increasing numbers of IPV strikes were a cause for concern so we reviewed the accident and near-miss data. Our safety improvement group identified HGV drivers as a key stakeholder where greater awareness of roadworks and IPV’s in particular would help lessen the risk. Two thirds of freight traffic uses the strategic road network we maintain. A significant proportion of the freight is moved overnight at the same time the majority of our work is undertaken so it made sense to target this group.

To ensure success we engaged directly with the freight transport industry to develop the training with the aim of raising awareness of IPV’s and road workers among professional haulage drivers.

During late 2012 in collaboration with Norbert Dentressangle (ND) we developed bespoke training, carried out trials and achieved accreditation for the training as part of CPC registered training module. The training pack contains a manual, a takeaway flyer, a pop up banner and a questionnaire; it was important for us to get feedback to continuously develop and improve the initiative.

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In 2013 we carried out initial test-roll out with 500 ND drivers and in 2014 extended that to the rest of ND and then to the wider freight transport industry engaging with a further 12 companies through to 2015.

To support the initiative we commissioned six unbranded 30 second radio infomercials to highlight road worker safety scheduled for airtime specifically aimed at HGV drivers.

Since then we have been invited to present the initiative to the FTA Skills Working Group, the RoWSaF trials team as part of Aim for Zero project and the French Ministry of Transport. We have a bespoke website where training tools can be downloaded, developed educational displays for motorways service areas, created a YouTube clip and participated in roadworker safety media event incorporating BBC news. We have also translated the training material to Polish targeting drivers using the ports.

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The committed companies will have delivered the training to over 30,000 drivers and we have received over 2,000 feedback questionnaires stating that 88% of drivers would change their behaviour as a result of the training by slowing down through road works and respecting road workers more. Feedback around IPV design and work times has been presented to RoWSaF to inform future trials and policy.