Integrated Area Programme

At the start of the asset support contract in Area 12 we launched an Integrated Area Programme (IAP) LEAN project to refine, communicate and deploy process and systems to collaboratively manage and improve all activities on the network.


Data analysis highlighted a problem which concluded that 80% of non-scheme works occur in the same section within 7 days of another Whilst there are mitigating circumstances for many of these occurrences, opportunities for sharing closures were being missed.

We needed a solution that would provide an instant overview of the where, what and why for planned works activity.

We established a working group with representation from Highways England and multiple A-one+ sections. The group agreed that the output needed to be an easy to use, accessible system to check and book or share closures to ensure maximum effectiveness and avoid unnecessary closures.

The team trialled several solutions including such as; war room style network map, manual visual information boards and existing software outputs as well as commercially available alternatives. All specific merits but none provided a clear solution that could interface with internal and external hosted data sources, be internally controlled by A-one+ and provide the flexibility to meet the requirements of all stakeholders and users.

Our solution

Lessons learned, and knowledge gained led to the development of the A-one+ Integrated Area Programme Geographic Information System (GIS).

The IAP GIS plots information from A-one+ internal schemes database and our routine maintenance tracker, Highways England’s Integrated Asset Management Information System (IAMIS) and Network Occupancy System (NOMS) enabling all the data sources to be cross referenced and analysed for potential traffic management sharing opportunities. In addition, the data is time enabled, live and automated to ensure that the latest data is always at the fingertips of the user.


The IAP GIS provides A-one+ with the capability to identify traffic management sharing opportunities and the realisation of planned benefits including improved collaboration and integration between teams

  • improved sharing of traffic management
  • improved use of resources
  • improved network occupancy
  • reduced repeat visits to the network
  • reduced road worker exposure to traffic

Benefits include

  • Economic: Reduction in traffic management cost and resource
  • Safety: Reduction in road worker exposure and maximisation of resource when closures are in place
  • Customer: improved satisfaction with less disruption
  • LEAN: The IAP GIS system is the perfect platform to deliver key LEAN benefits including efficient visual management, streamlined processes, minimising waste, continuous improvement.

Check out our short video here.

The system has been implemented in Area 12 and we are currently underway planning to deploy in Area 4.

The system also successfully aligns with the objectives of the Highways England Innovation Strategy 2016: Using Innovation to meet a range of objectives and create value, utilising new technology and future potential for sharing by developing open source solutions and sharing best practice.

The IAP GIS was produced by A-one+ in collaboration with Highways England and NAVITAS Project Solutions