iDashboards for Managing Maintenence


Re-shaping the maintenance strategy through data intelligence led approach to soft estate asset management.


As part of our continuous improvement cycle we applied lean tools and techniques to soft estate asset management. This was aimed at driving out waste from the process, developing an enhanced maintenance strategy aligned to whole life maintenance, resilient to span contracts and reduce long term liability.

Existing data sources were reviewed and analysis of several years’ customer enquiries: by month, by route and by type alongside peak routes. This allowed us to identify a number of hotpots.

Secondly, a prototype maintenance iDashboard was developed to provide an easy to read summary of hotspots, issues colour coded to signify if on target on urgent action required.

Click the link for the Litter iDashboard continual improvement form.

To provide a baseline measure we checked soft estate spend per year, soft estate number of customer enquiries and hours spent cutting grass per year.

The new maintenance strategy incorporated key improvement actions:

  • Growth retarder programme to control early season growth using same operatives for summer and winter maintenance
  • Selected areas of verge hardening eliminating grass cutting in key areas
  • Mapping areas of grass cutting required by the contract to understand and develop intelligence led maintenance, reducing cost and number of enquiries
  • Sourcing alternative equipment to reduce potential for hand arm vibration.

This fingertip knowledge enabled us to work more pro-actively, targeting hotspots in a more controlled manner. Directly addressing customer feedback in this manner led to a 68.4% reduction in customer enquiries during in the same period compared to the previous year.

Not only are customers more satisfied but the benefit/cost ratio has added value through better whole life management, improved quality, reduced costs and improved road worker safety.

  • Hours spent cutting grass is down to 3,890 compared to 5,543 in the previous year.
  • Soft estate enquiries reduced by 75%
  • Maintenance spend reduced by 34% with no drop in level of service.


This methodology has been so successful we have expanded the approach to other areas of the business. Litter and pothole dashboards are driving further updates and all the dashboards have since been uploaded to Highways England sharing portal to allow other service providers to benefit from our learning.