High Mast Lighting Improvement Works


A 5 kilometre stretch of the M621 between junction 1 and junction 5 required  replacement lighting.


We replaced the existing system with 394 high pressure sodium lanterns LED units on 64 high masts.

The new LED luminaires are bespoke for high mast lighting and incorporate steerable optics. While the unit is installed in a regular arrangement around the headring, the light is actually directional towards the carriageway.

This new lighting generates 50% energy savings reducing annual energy consumption by 368,010 kWh. This saving is enough energy to boil a kettle once an hour for 140 years; or could power every high speed train between Leeds and London for a day.

It also generates annual energy efficiency savings of £40,481. Over the 25 year life of the new LED lighting this produces a saving of over £1 million on energy costs and in addition there a fewer maintenance costs with no need for cyclic lamp changes.

We have also installed a central management system to the lighting. This remote monitoring and control system allows us to manipulate operational burn hours, dim lighting during low traffic flow, monitor faults and track energy consumption.