Energy efficient lighting improvement

M62 J22-J25 Lighting Improvement Works

We completed £1.1m of lighting improvement work (Designated Funds) on the M62 over a 19km length between J22 Saddleworth Moor and Kirklees Viaduct, west of Junction 25. This was completed over a 9 week period from January to March 2017.

This included:

Replacing 1224 high pressure sodium lanterns with 1224 new Ampera Maxi LED lighting units manufactured by Urbis Schréder: these require no routine maintenance, eliminating the need for cyclic lamp changes

Upgrading 12 existing street lighting feeder pillars 

53% energy saving generation from the new LED lighting reducing annual energy consumption from 2,203,807 kWhrs to 1,041,658 kWhrs:  that 1.16 million kWhrs saved annually is enough electricity to run every household in Normanton, Wakefield for a fortnight – that’s over 20,000 people

Generating annual energy efficiency savings of £127,840: over the 25 year life of the new LED lights this can  produce an efficiency saving of nearly £3.2m on energy costs alone

Saving 612 tonnes of carbon emission every year for the life of the installation: that’s the same carbon generated by 389,000 loads of domestic washing

Image shows upgraded lighting on right hand side of carriageway in  comparison to the left.

The lighting system includes a newly installed Central Management System (CMS). This remote monitoring and control system allows us to manipulate operational burn hours, dim lighting at times of lower traffic flow, monitor faults and track energy consumption. This can be done on a unit by unit basis or globally.