Employee Recognition ‘ The Grits’


An employee survey identified that feeling valued was a key driver for improving engagement. We had an employee of the month scheme and our parent companies provided differing reward schemes. We decided to investigate the motivators highlighted in the survey to develop a bespoke scheme appropriate to the unique A-one+ arrangement.


The GRIT Awards. A recognition working group was set up to devise a solution to meet the needs identified in the survey; praise and commendation from managers, attention from leaders and opportunities to lead project and tasks.

Tier 1

Day to day recognition, direct from manager, discretionary, not necessarily linked to values.

Peer to peer, recognising extra efforts and cross teams.

The solution created was a well done card, enabling colleagues to recognise each other quickly and easily for a job well done. The cards were launched alongside an education programme to ensure employees understood the uses and benefits.


Tier 2

Above and beyond official nominated awards linked to A-one+ values. With clear criteria of what is meant by above and beyond:

  • It is not the ‘day’ job
  • It must link to values
  • It somehow demonstrates added value to the business
  • Peer to peer recognition will be included in monthly awards

Then there is ‘The GRIT Awards’ ceremony where each individual and team winner from each area for each quarter is invited to celebrate their recognition. At this special event an overall winner for individual and teams are selected and presented with vouchers over a formal dinner ceremony

people grits

The GRITS Awards provide a simple way to commend colleagues while increasing awareness of what we each do, cementing strong team foundations and making sure our colleagues feel valued by those around them.