Embedding Customer Principles

 Embracing the 20 Principles in Area 12

We have been selecting and applying several of the principles to schemes such as; advance warning, progress-o-meter, using multi-media channels, acting on feedback and wider stakeholder communications. And we are seeing lots of benefits from applying the principles.

 We were the first contractor to use Twitter for schemes on the M621 and A64 barrier schemes. We also managed to recycle, upcycle and leave a lasting sustainable heritage through early engagement on the A64 junction improvement scheme with Simon Taylor being asked to present about using the principles on behalf of Highways England at the recent Highways UK conference.

 More recently we completed a resurfacing scheme on the A64 over 2 weekends instead of 3 meaning a full weekend closure was no longer needed. On weekend two the project team pulled out all the stops and achieved 4500 tonnes of resurfacing with 38 kilometres of lining, ditch cleaning, litter picking fencing work, site clearance and several other defect corrections. This extra effort in planning, organising and delivery paid off because it meant that the third weekend closure was no longer needed minimising disruption for customers, providing efficiencies and keeping the network safe and moving.

Meeting customer needs in Area 4

The A27 is major road running from Whiteparish near Salisbury along the south coast through West Sussex ending in Pevensey in East Sussex

The existing surface between Havant to Chichester was 12 years old and deteriorating rapidly. With over 176 customer complaints logged and media interest on the increase a resurfacing scheme was urgently put into place. The design also included the installation of traffic loops, white lining and studs

A27 Resurfacing Scheme



Effective communication was crucial to properly inform road users and residents and ensure successful delivery of the scheme. Black on yellow signage was in place early providing advance warning of the forthcoming eastbound and westbound closures, the team liaised with local businesses providing details of access and egress within the closures and over 600 letters were distributed in the surrounding area advising of the closures.

Local MP Alan Mak (Havant) visited the A27 scheme to see for himself how the works were progressing.  During the resurfacing 200 tonnes of surfacing was completed every night. In addition to the resurfacing we managed to carry out some elements of a drainage scheme while the closures were in place; minimising future disruption to road users and residents, providing value for money and efficiency savings.

The early communication and engagement and subsequent management and delivery of the scheme exceeded customer expectations; we received zero complaints but instead several compliments.

Compelling evidence of how we are placing the customer at the heart of what we do.