Customer Hub


Recognising the importance of placing customer needs at the centre of service delivery A-one+ looked to find a way to pro-actively manage, protect and improve customer experience across all aspects of delivery.


We created  a dedicated Customer Hub in 2011 and in 2014 key personnel from Highways England joined the hub to provide a truly collaborative approach to customer service.

The group established a customer strategy and an 88 point customer priority plan based on identified customer needs. Both staff and supply chain partners have engaged with the plan to ensure that customer experience is a journey we travel together.

The priority plan details customer facing activities split into calendar year quarters. Progress on activities is reviewed and forward plans agreed at each hub meeting.

So far the Customer Hub has seen the development of stakeholder relationship plans. Its acts as network custodians by checking and challenging network occupancy to minimise disruption and customer impact, delaying closures if necessary.

It has been instrumental in helping Highways England refine customer surveys through localised trials and ensures a joined up approach to managing enquiries.

Part of the plan included customer relations training for over 100 front line staff and operatives.

Our customer strategy

  • Dedicated customer care team
  • Alignment to developing client customer focus
  • Use customer satisfaction and insight to improve services, proactively seek feedback, listen and act
  • Partner with client regional press team to communicate with customers through media
  • Consider appropriate use of social media to engage with customers
  • A community involvement programme delivering educational, tangible and charitable activities as part of our social responsibility
  • Deliver client customer targets as part of the monthly performance measures
  • Share our learning with supply chain partners and industry colleagues
  • Categorise stakeholders based on importance and influence to establish hierarchy to aid effective management
  • Provide media training and tone of voice training for key staff and customer awareness training for all staff and supply chain

In order to achieve the objectives we created a concise colour leaflet incorporating the strategy and targets for internal communication and to share with our supply chain. In addition customer contact training has been provided for front line staff and lead operatives. This training included conflict management training in recognition that blue collar staff can be faced with aggressive or violent behaviour when monitoring traffic management.

On a day to day basis we proactively manage customer experience by mapping hotspots for activity such as pot holes and litter to ensure we programme resource effectively and up front.

There has been numerous benefits from the Customer Hub group; several of which recognised with industry awards and the group continues to work collaboratively to deliver a better experience for customers.