Cultural Behavioural Safety


90% of accidents are caused by human behaviour (2006 HSE)

A-one+ is using behavioural science and psychology to drive safety improvements.


Cultural Behavioural Safety (CBS), brings together blue collar, white collar, client and supply chain using behavioural science and psychology, raising awareness of the consequences faced by individuals in making choices of either unsafe or safe behaviours. The environment we are faced with drives our behaviour. We have created a positive environment empowering individuals to intervene when risk is identified.

To achieve this, we trained a number staff, client and supply chain in behavioural management techniques. This pinpoints safety related behaviour and uses data to develop improvement strategies. Over 95 individual ‘Behaviour Improvement Plans’ (BIP’s) were initially introduced. With ownership of the BIP’s firmly in the hands of those who conceived them, a 98% success rate was achieved.

The CBS trainers at A-one+ were the first in the UK outside of the Behavioural Management Techniques Federation, to pursue and gain accreditation in their own right. This ensures that the training given is of the highest calibre.

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Supporting the training is a wider implementation plan with clear targets designed to support the CBS initiative: to create the environment that encourages the correct behaviours then re-enforcement. Many more BIP’s are being created separately but collectively there is a significant positive culture change to safety.

Frontline supervisors are required to take CBS training combined with our ‘Blue Hat’ supervisor qualification and built into the wider appraisal process.

The BIP’s are registered to monitor, review and outline the improvements as well as share best practice.

As a result of CBS training during a period of increased capital scheme delivery only seven minor incidents occurred.