Concrete Barrier Project

A £5.5m investment project has been completed on the M62 between J33 and J34. The scheme which took place between November 2017 and March 2018 provides this busy network area with new and safer central reserve barriers, freshly surfaced carriageway, cleared drains and ancillary works.

The highlight of the project was replacing the existing central reserve steel safety barrier with a new concrete step barrier design. The new concrete barrier provides a maintenance free asset for an expected 50 year design life as well as better protection against damage after most collisions, eliminating the need to carry out ongoing maintenance repairs throughout its life.

  • We installed 2.75km of new concrete step barrier, using around 825m3 of concrete. That volume of concrete is the same as around 52 Landrover Discovery vehicles, similar to those used by Highway England’s Traffic Officers.
  •  We resurfaced 100,740m2 of carriageway and laid over 17km of new white lining. That’s enough to surface St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle, where Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle, 43 times.
  •  To accommodate the new hardened central reserve surface and improve drainage, we renewed 1,760m of drainage pipework, ranging in size from 150mm to 600mm diameter. We also installed 147 new gullies and renewed covers and frames on a further 39 gullies.

 To minimise customer disruption during the works, we were able to maintain a hard-shoulder in either direction whilst we installed the new concrete step barrier in the centre.

Over the past five years there have been 14 collisions with the old steel central reserve safety barrier over this length, that’s nearly 3 collisions every year. Each collision requires maintenance teams to repair damage, to maintain the network in a safe and serviceable condition. The installation of the new concrete barrier eliminates this requirement, saving an estimated 378 hours, or 16 days of maintenance work over five years.