Bluetooth Traffic Management


After experiencing a number of delays and congestion while working on a resurfacing scheme we wondered if there was a better way of informing road users in real time.


Working with Rennicks MTS, A-one+ carried out operational trials of Bluetooth-enabled traffic management on a resurfacing scheme where there is no overhead gantry signage.

The Bluetrace Journey Time Management System picks up ‘ping’s from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled phones, sat navs or hands free sets in vehicles as they travel through the works. The secure non-personal data is analysed and calculates average journey times for all vehicles. This is instantly relayed to mobile or fixed variable message signage.

The system can automatically update drivers about average journey times through the works, advise them to consider an alternative if congestion is building up and can even put diversions in place if an incident blocks the road.

The system was brought to the UK by Rennicks MTS who recognised the potential. The technology works in all weathers, is more robust and flexible than automatic number plate recognition systems and is capable of picking up 1,000 ‘pings’ per minute with a 98% detection rate.

Initially the team tested the monitoring capabilities for several weeks. The second stage was to link to the variable message signs on the network. This was done a couple of weeks prior to the scheme starting. The idea was that if Bluetrace is measuring driver journey when there are no road works and reporting the time it was taking to travel a certain distance every day accurately, then it would be trusted when the scheme actually started. It was important to give road users confidence in the information.

This technology is exciting, intelligent, flexible and cost effective and we are now operating the system alongside our 4G camera technology where can follow road user reaction to the information being presented.