Asset Management Trials


In 2012 Highways England introduced the new Asset Support Contract framework for maintenance contractors. The aim of the new contract style is to offer complete transparency and commercial understanding of project pricing through agreed schedule of rates.

In order to maintain the new style contract the baseline methodology had to be refined to promote a culture of asset management excellence in service providers.


A-one+ undertook a series of trials to assist Highways England to investigate ways to pro-actively assess long term funding needs.

Three core objectives were identified for the trials:

  • Creation of an asset management plan to establish long term renewals programme based on deterioration models.
  • Identification of new asset performance measures to allow definitive, numerical, measurement of asset condition for deterioration modelling and managing contractor performance
  • Source new solutions incorporating modern technology supplementing expertise for decision making and driving efficiencies

A-one+’s unique joint venture advantage means that we can call upon our three parent companies; CH2M, Colas and Costain to facilitate innovations as well as making use of our existing relationships with supply chain partners.

We worked together with;

  • Colas to produce a 30 year pavement plan,
  • Costain to develop a 30 year technology plan
  • CH2M on all other asset groups

Our partnering with specialist supply chain partners was integral to developing new industry innovations such as;

  • FastTrack drainage survey systems with Carnell
  • Light detection andranging laser scanning with IBI’s RouteMapper group to assess vehicle restraints and contouring
  • Ground penetrating radar with IBI Group to calculate waterproof membrane condition on structures
  • Advanced mobile asset collection with DBI an automated comprehensive mobile data collection system capturing retro-reflectivity, signage, road markings, studs and lighting inventory

Project benefits – improvements to asset data collection, performance measurement and long term asset management plans will provide:

  • Efficiency savings estimated at 10% of capital expenditure in one network area through scheme rationalisation.
  • Enhanced customer experience and efficient delivery; reducing road user delays equating to savings of £1.4m over a five year contract period.
  • Delivery of right scheme from the outset offering the best whole life cost solution.

The new solutions identified and implemented have already demonstrated impressive results. The FastTrack drainage system data is showing it is 3.0 times faster than traditional methods. Advanced mobile asset collection saved over £30k in traffic management costs for just one gantry signing scheme alone. Over £100k has been saved on resourcing inspectors by using the mobile mapping, there is a significantly reduced risk to staff while inspecting and it is better for the environment with less vehicles being used to carry out the task.

The trial resulted in an executive summary of findings along with associated policies and procedures for the new contract framework. The new approach positions Highways England at the leading edge as an intelligent asset manager and demonstrates the value of A-one+ as service provider capable of creating innovative solutions.