Network Operations

A-one+ uses a three directional approach to managing the day to day network operations within our highway maintenance work. By separating this service into routine maintenance, severe weather management and incident response, it allows us to ensure every possible task is completed cost effectively and to high standards.


Routine Maintenance

Numerous duties must be completed to provide the highest level of highways maintenance. And the first of three categories for routine maintenance is cyclical maintenance, which entails tasks like sign repairs, boundary fence repair, road marking, road sweeping, gully emptying, grass cutting, tree work and others besides.

Electrical maintenance comes next,  with A-one+ ready to deploy experts for various tasks. For instance, these can include lighting installation, testing & inspection, erecting lighting columns, cable jointing, general maintenance and more.

For structures, A-one+ delivers an array of cleaning services that can even eradicate graffiti. We also perform routine maintenance, renew expansion joints, attach sign brackets and fix structures’ boundary fences.


Severe Weather Management

Although weather reports can provide some forewarning, it is imperative that A-one+ is ready to respond at a moment’s notice when severe conditions arise. We consider it our duty to maintain the safest roads possible in our high maintenance remit.

As such, our road maintenance teams are ready to respond by addressing freezing rain and snow clearance for drivers. Additionally, the teams clear snow and ice from footpaths and cycle ways, while also managing salt and brine levels.


Incident Response

To maximise road safety, A-one+ must also be ready to provide incident response even outside of severe weather. Within this service, numerous duties are carried out. Some of the more standard are pothole repairs, road-kill removal and debris removal.

In the event of more serious incidents, our response teams are trained to deal with traffic accidents, hazardous incident, hydrocarbon spillages and carriageway flooding. Each team is also equipped to oversee visual messaging signage setup, task lighting and airwave communications.

For any network operation queries, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.