Health, Safety & Environment

As a company with an integrated philosophy, A-one+ is always considerate of the wider environment. This includes our health & safety responsibilities as well as our environmental capabilities and encompasses wellbeing an improvemment.

In order to deliver this we have a wellbeing, improvement, safety, health and environment strategy or as we call call it WISHES. You can read more about WISHES here.

Health & Safety

In preserving the health and safety of our people and road users, A-one+ makes every possible effort to meet or exceed the Health & Safety Executive’s CDM requirements across all of our contracts. As for our process, this encompasses safety advice, risk analysis, method statements, process design and implementation.

Given our highly informed expertise, A-one+ also provides health and safety support to Highways England, who can depend on our knowledge to address their own needs. For instance, we can perform CDM risk assessments, Safety Health and Environment inspections and advise on scheme works. Meanwhile, we  also evaluate legal requirements  ensuring registration with the appropriate authority’s registers.

A-one+  also provides workforce support through training in the areas of fire safety, first aid, home working, out-of-hours working, manual handling, new and expectant mothers, non-English-speaking personnel, young persons at work, water proximity and working at height. Our bespoke training on managing conflict has been delivered to all front line staff as a result of traffic management breaches where our staff can feel vulnerable. Click here to learn more about managing customer contact.


Having an environmental responsibility is now more important than ever, with the related legislation changing all the time.  A-one+ is proactive in delivering highway engineering services that are more environmentally friendly than our competitors.

On previous projects, our environmental designers have worked on roadside corridors and woodlands owned by Highways England. This experience has prepared our specialist designers to deliver environmental benefits on all types of projects such as creating soft estate habitat and trialling biomass harvesting.
A-one+  provides more specialised services that address the environmental needs of our stakeholders with even greater depth. Some of the more prominent options include:

  • Environmental landscape plans
  • Environmental aspects and impacts methodology
  • Environmental emergency and incident management
  • Waste management strategy
  • Carbon reduction plans
  • Environment agency legislation
  • DEFRA codes of practice
  • European waste codes

There is much more we do beyond those environmental services. Simply get in touch to find out more.