Design & Construction

Highway design and construction is another fundamental capability of A-one+. And with the talent, skills and resources in our programme delivery teams, we use our integrated service to design and construct highways accurately, cost-effectively and to clear deadlines.

Integrated Delivery Teams

A-one+ uses integrated delivery teams (IDT) in all design and construction projects. Fundamentally, this enables us to operate with a holistic approach and truly work as one. By taking responsibility for all functions, A-one+ can reach higher standards than multiple service providers while also minimising commercial risk.


A multitude of factors go into the design and construction of new motorways and trunk roads. And every single one must be done right to guarantee they will function effectively as part of a wider road network.

Fortunately, A-one+ is an integrated highway construction provider that can bring together all of the necessary skills and technical requirements to give a single impressive outcome.

From a broader perspective, our teams are skilled at drawings, calculating, estimating and scheduling. By harnessing these skills, A-one+ excels in the following areas:

  • Road safety audits
  • CAD standards
  • Scheme estimates
  • Value-management technical surveying
  • Journey-time estimates
  • Resilience assessment techniques
  • Road restraint management systems and assessments
  • Disability discrimination act compliance

Road safety audits represent a vital service because of their role in identifying potential improvements. To perform this work, all staff require specific training and experience to attain an elite competency in this field.

Ultimately, our highway design and highway construction will deliver incredible roads that meet time, budget and technical factors. Simply share your requirements and we will handle all of them.


Some highway designs will encounter physical barriers in the form of existing roads and terrain. In such instances, A-one+ might recommend to build structures that carry motorways or trunk roads safely over such obstacles.

To complete this more complex work, A-one+ is equipped to perform environmental impact assessments, make geotechnical engineering submissions and acquire scaffold licences.


Before making improvements, A-one+ can assist with temporary traffic regulation orders to ensure our teams have the ideal road construction conditions.

During improvements, our traffic engineering specialists can then assist by designing temporary works that will let traffic continue to flow amid the wider works, with safety and congestion issues addressed and temporary signage displayed.

For any design and construction queries, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.