Asset Management

The efficient management of physical assets is vital for the lifespan of road networks. A-one+ ensures optimal performance. By making shrewd decisions based on clear data and proven experience, we strive to improve durability and cost-savings, while also maintaining superior health and safety.


Balancing  Interests

Essentially, asset management is the meeting of art and science to make the right decisions at the right time. When providing this highway engineering service, our ultimate objective is to minimise the whole-life cost of assets in a balancing process that also considers risk and business continuity.

Working for the Assets

Here at A-one+, there are multiple asset management teams that have been trained and developed with the necessary experience to ensure the road network thrives.

A Cross-Disciplinary Approach

To make this happen, all of our teams use a cross-disciplinary approach to ensure that every eventuality has been considered in the decision-making process. Overall, our teams will follow a management process that covers the design, selection, maintenance, inspection and renewal of your physical assets.

Asset Inspectors

Inspections play a critical role within asset management because they are performed to identify potential issues long before they ever occur. By taking a proactive approach, A-one+ is able to recommend the necessary highway maintenance work and ideal completion deadline.

A-one+ inspectors support the network and schemes by performing daily, weekly and monthly inspections. Their duty is to identify Category 1 or 2 defects  (dependent on urgency and based on varying criteria) before more expensive, larger-scale repair work is required. Our team are trained for the following inspections: routine, safety, structures, electrical, safety and asbestos control.

Technical Surveys

Technical surveys are ideal for exploring fresh possibilities. In advance of making any major decisions, A-one+’s asset management team evaluates the road network and produces a comprehensive technical survey.

Asset management teams are tasked with gathering raw technical data that is transformed into intelligence for more accurate decision-making. These teams are designed to work on larger road interventions of up to £8 million.


For any asset management queries, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.