Auto Banksman

Blasting safety to the next level using microwave radar technology.

As a key industry provider, we are constantly looking to improve safety for ourselves and road users while we carry out our work. For drivers of site vehicles, especially larger ones with materials and equipment, poor rear visibility presents an endless challenge and a vital aspect for us when investigating potential ways to improve vehicle safety.

We recently carried out a pavement resurfacing on the A2 at Whitfield. The works were going to be carried out near community residents and pedestrians as well as road user customers.

We decided that this scheme was ideal to trial a product using radar prevention technology developed by a company called Vision Techniques.

The system called ‘VT Banksman Auto-braking Reversing Radar’ reduces the risk of colliding with objects, vehicles and specifically pedestrians thanks to its Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) microwave radar collision prevention system. Active when reversing, the Banksman unit uses microwave radar which recognises objects that have entered the programmable field of vision, set up into 3 detection zones.

The driver is warned audibly and visually with an in-cab display. With the Banksman Auto-braking, the brake is automatically applied if the danger is ignored within the final ‘red danger zone’, preventing any collision.

We believe this innovative technology will greatly enhance the level of safety on site raising the safety bar again and demonstrating our continued commitment to safety.


Watch the short video on our Youtube channel here.