Air and Noise Monitoring Stations

Helping Highways England build a clearer picture of air and noise quality.

Following a short 7-day programme, we have successfully completed construction, implementation and commissioning of new air quality and noise monitoring stations on the M1 between junctions 36 and 37. The original request came through late in the programme and involved significant collaboration between A-one+, Highways England and specialist supply partners to ensure we delivered the scheme in the right location with the right design and right first time.

Both sites are on slip roads, adjacent to the M1 accessible off the local road network without the need for traffic management and reducing the risk to operatives.

The project activities included:

  • Site clearing of vegetation, signage and barriers
  • Foundation and construction groundworks for the air quality equipment
  • Construction of new ducts and chambers
  • Electrical cabling and connection works
  • Paving works, dry stone walling, earthworks, top soiling and reinstating verges
  • Installation of air quality analyser cabinet by Enviro Technology
  • Commissioning of electrical apparatus

In the Road Investment Strategy Highways England has committed major investment to improve air quality, on and around the strategic road network through to 2021. This location was identified as part of their aim to build a clear picture of air quality across the network. The monitoring stations will be used to gather long-term data on pollution trends, emissions and to inform various stages in scheme development particularly evaluating changes in emissions along the M1 with new SMART motorway schemes to the south.