Life Cycle

Lifecycle is the ideal perspective in highway maintenance. By making great decisions and working effectively in the present, A-one+ ensures that motorways and trunk roads last years into the future. Safety and environmental implications dictate a highway engineering provider of our elite standard considers both the short-term and the long-term.


Highway Excellence

To ensure reliability on a daily basis, A-one+ monitors driving activity to maintain steady traffic management, complete necessary road maintenance, lower accident rates and respond rapidly to any incidents that occur.

Weather can present multiple challenges, from shutting down highways during severe weather to deteriorating roads. Fortunately, A-one+ is equipped to ensure weather concerns are quickly addressed and road users can drive safely. The company also has the staff and resources to perform vital road repairs and infrastructure upgrades.

As a traffic engineering specialist, A-one+ can also help clients to design and construct new motorways and trunk roads within their wider network. By working with an integrated provider, clients will receive a solution that will excel into the future.


Environmental Activity

A-one+ is a company that is in tune with its surroundings. Quite simply, we recognise that our highway engineering services have an environmental impact on the world around us. As such, we make operational decisions that can contribute towards securing a more sustainable future.

To this end, A-one+ tries to reduce its carbon footprint by cutting emissions through setting targets relating to fuel, energy, materials and waste. By improving in those areas, A-one+ is making lasting changes that fit within our lifecycle-driven philosophy.

This long-term mentality has also benefitted wildlife, as our company has established a number of schemes to protect wildlife activity and habitat. In addition, we have also planted hedgerows, trees and wild flowers to create pleasant environmental areas alongside the motorways and trunk roads we oversee.

For any lifecycle queries, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.