What We Do

A-one+ is three parent companies uniting to form a single highway engineering provider with the expertise and resources to engage in the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of motorways and roads, all while making ground-breaking industry innovations.

Our work profiles

From setting up this company in 2003, we have worked on a number of major road networks. Currently we’re working in Area 12 covering Yorkshire and Humber making sure  that the motorways and trunk roads operate to the high standards set by Highways England. To learn more about our responsibilities and successes, view the Work Profiles page for details .

We also have a design centre based in Darlington where a team of expert designers work with each area and Highways England to create innovative designs for schemes and structures.

Our value statement, vision and strategy

A-one+ operates with transparent vision and strategy, leaving our client and partners with no doubts as to what their value-driven service experience will entail. Each day we live our vision of working together as one team to deliver excellence in our highway engineering services.

Within our strategy, A-one+ places a major emphasis on aligning with Highways England in the way we operate and our aspirations. This helps to make sure we provide a quality service for our client while striving to improve road user experience and be considerate to the environment.

Our value statement

A-one+ exists to deliver the best integrated highway services that keep the strategic road network flowing and the economy growing.

Our vision

One team delivering highways excellence

Our strategy statement

We will achieve our business aspirations through delivery of Highways England’s and parent companies strategic aims. We will focus our efforts on specific needs and outcomes of Highways England to satisfy the imperatives of safety, customer and delivery.

Our lifecycle commitment

A-one+ recognises the importance of providing value for money and on-going efficiencies and it is our responsibility to effectively manage the assets of our client for the longer term freeing up funding to develop the infrastructure and avoid repeated maintenance.

We strongly believe it is our duty to identify and implement benefits to reduce our environmental impact to support the lifestyle approach. From our use of fuel to re-using waste as well as driving innovation such as cold re-pave, we are always take our responsibility seriously .

For any queries about what we do, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.