STEM is an international educational grouping that encompasses sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics. Here at A-one+, we take an active role in the community by supporting the educational development of school pupils studying STEM subjects. You can learn about our community work below.

Talent for the Future

A-one+ embraces integration at every level of highway engineering. Therefore, we understand that STEM learning is fundamental in shaping bright minds ahead of future engineering careers. By doing so, A-one+ is working to give the UK civil engineering industry a steady stream of talent for the future.

Award-Winning STEM Support

In November 2015, we received the Team of the Year accolade at the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards for ambassadorial efforts in providing STEM support throughout the region.

A couple of years earlier, A-one+ discovered some staff were using their own time to support STEM initiatives. Today, however, there is now a group of award-winning STEM ambassadors who strive to promote engineering among schools and colleges in numerous local communities.

STEM Ambassador Group

There are few companies to rival the scale of our STEM Ambassador Group, which is overseen by a dedicated chair. This individual is tasked to promote STEM in local schools by arranging events and co-ordinating the efforts of participating A-one+ team members.

In our company, STEM is so highly prioritised that staff who participate in the Ambassador Group are granted paid leaves of absence for this work. This is to give them the freedom to attend events and excel in this duty without having to worry about their workload.

As for the events, these span a wide range of activities, with examples including school visits, civil engineering careers fairs, Women in Engineering (WISE) events and Considerate Constructor working groups.


For any queries about STEM support, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.