People represent the third pillar of our corporate social responsibility, which touches upon those inside and outside of A-one+. Within our efforts, A-one+ has been an advocate of diversity and in fostering a superb work-life balance for our staff – you can uncover more details below.

Investors in Diversity

Moving forward, A-one+ is committed to expressing its role as an inclusive company that treats everyone as equal, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, beliefs or anything else. Thus far, the company has excelled at adjusting work situations for individuals and also providing flexible hours.

Take time to read our Inclusion and You booklet and learn more about our commitment by reading our Investors in Diversity page.

Women in Engineering

A-one+ participates in National Women in Engineering Day to raise awareness of and support the cause of gender equality in the industry. As a company committed to promoting diversity, A-one+ seizes the day as an opportunity to host activities and start positive discussions about the value of women engineers.

Children in the Workplace

A-one+ has years of experience vising schools to promote engineering in learning. Well, there has now been an exciting evolution in this regard, with some workers able to take their own children to work.

On these rewarding days, children get to attend one of our offices and to view a presentation. While there, they also receive practical demonstrations of CAD design, traffic management and traffic signage control. Hopefully some will return for a career in A-one+.

Health and Wellbeing

As a team member, you make a difference within the A-one+ family. Therefore, we are compelled to improve your health and wellbeing wherever possible. For example, standard health checks are performed throughout the company, while healthy lifestyle events and initiatives are also arranged.

Stress is an important issue within this area, and A-one+ has previously raised awareness by participating in the European Week for Safety and Health at Work. This entailed staff being trained to look for stress symptoms in themselves and others. Meanwhile, A-one+ will also implement mental health first aiders to provide direct support in the workplace.


For any queries about how we help people, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.