A-one+ is a company that both understands and makes efforts to lessen its environmental impact. Within our highway engineering remit, we consistently try to identify ways in which we can improve our environmental performance for the benefit of our local communities. Please take a moment to share in our successes below.

Energy Saving

In 2015, Area 12 alone managed to reduce carbon emissions by an incredible 412 tonnes, representing a stunning 20% energy saving. This was achieved by using the power of technology to implement two fundamental changes, which eventually led to receiving the Environmental Sustainability accolade at the Highways Magazine Excellence Awards 2015.

The first was to replace 250-watt LED lanterns for their less demanding 230-watt counterparts, thus ensuring a 15% carbon saving. An added benefit of the new lighting is that LED lanterns have a longer lifespan and less maintenance needs to address.

A second change was to tackle idle vehicle timing, which can waste thousands of pounds of fuel a year. Simply by integrating toolbox talks, A-one+ managed to reduce idle fuel consumption by a staggering 90% for the lifetime of the Area 12 contract.

Recycling Efforts

Each year, A-one+ recycles or reuses thousands of tonnes of waste and aggregates to ease the burden on landfills. As part of our efforts, the company recycles plastic curbs, reuses aggregates, repaves surfaces, installs energy-efficient lighting systems and renovates safety beams. In addition, we also make sustainability presentations to make children aware of their environmental impact.

Living Landscapes

Living Landscapes is a group comprised of Highways England, Natural England and the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. A-one+ contributes within the group to help improve soft estate maintenance, thus improving wildlife habitats with a view to fostering breeding prospects. In the future, A-one+ will continue to lend support when required.

For any queries about our environmental efforts, please use our contact section and we’ll get back to you soon.