Work Profiles

A-one+ strives to improve the standards of motorways and trunk roads. For more than 10 years, we’ve worked in Yorkshire &  the Humber and previously Kent and Sussex, Greater Manchester East Midlands and the North East. You can learn more about our road and traffic engineering work in these areas as well as our new Design Office by reading the profiles below.


The A-one+ Design Centre, based in Darlington, was launched on 3 April 2017 and comprises four design teams managed by Design Manager, David Shotton.

The Design Centre supports programme development teams to deliver Asset Support Contracts (ACS) for A-one+ in Area 12  brf producing highway and structures scheme designs. This increased capacity enables us to support Highways England as we head towards increased investment of the Strategic Road Network. The venture also represents a continuation of existing strong links between personnel in Darlington team and our two ASC areas.

Duties include; developing agreed client options into schemes that maintain the strategic road network from initial feasibility through to pricing. The Design Centre also has the capability to produce traffic management design with several of the designers holding Sector Scheme 12D accreditation.

The Design Centre aims to achieve a high level of collaboration with respective programme delivery teams in order to support a Lean scheme development process ensuring solutions are safe to build, sustainable and minimise customer disruption.

Having retained many key members of staff from A-one+ Area 14 Managing Agent Contract (MAC), the Design Centre is able to draw upon extensive knowledge, experience and skills gained over 14 years of highly successful design delivery and client relationships.

For more information about the services we provide at the Design Centre or an informal chat please go to the contact us page.




Area 12 is one of our largest highway engineering contracts, with A-one+ overseeing over 540km of road network and more than 1,500 structures. The contract began in October 2009 and A-one+ continues to improve the area.

The geographic scope of Area 12 covers Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, taking in major towns and cities such as Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Sheffield, Hull and Grimsby. Crucially, this includes the M62, which is the highest motorway in the UK.

Area 12’s work has helped to make journeys quicker and safer for the 5.338 million residents of Yorkshire and Humber.

We’re really proud of our achievements which include excellent safety standards, customer and stakeholder best practices and innovative delivery methods.