A-one+ is a joint venture shared three ways between engineering companies CH2M, Colas and Costain. To become the highway specialist it is today, A-one+ draws upon knowledge from the parent companies, collaborates with supply chain and partners with client, continually improving service standards and offering.


CH2M and Colas Collaborate in 2003

The journey began in 2003, when CH2M and Colas collaborated in a joint venture to win Highways England’s coveted Area 14 contract. At the time, the two parties combined to form an entity named A-one. Four years later, A-one secured its second highway maintenance contract in the form of Area 10 in 2007.


Costain Joins to Form A-one+ in 2009

The next major step for the company came in 2009, with Costain joining the venture to establish the newly named A-one+. This expansion enabled the company to acquire the £220 million Area 7 contract in July 2009, which was followed by the £200 million Area 12 contract in October 2009.


A-one+ Wins Area 14 Again in 2010

After just over six years, A-one+ had acquired Highways England’s maximum level of possible contracts for highway engineering providers. And the company managed to maintain that status by winning the Area 14 contract for a second time in July 2010, thus securing a £147 million operating deal for A-one+.


Improving Roads and the Environment

Over more than a decade, A-one+ has worked to improve English motorways and trunk roads. Day to day, this has comprised infrastructure management, improvement works, traffic management and road maintenance. Beyond those responsibilities, A-one+ drives industry solutions such as Barrier Master offering safety and efficiencies and environmental sustainability through cold re-surface trials and habitat creation during maintenance activity.


A Proven Highway Services Specialist

Evidence of our success is present in various forms, and includes the many times that A-one+ achieved high performance results from Highways England. Meanwhile, recognition has also come in the form of industry awards from the Considerate Constructor Scheme, Constructing Excellence, Highways Magazine Excellence Awards, Construction News and the Green Apple Awards.

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