Highways England

A-one+ started working with Highways England in 2003, with the government company being our sole client for more than a decade. During this time, we have had the privilege of undertaking an array of highway engineering services on thousands of kilometres of England’s motorways and trunk roads on multimillion-pound contracts.

About Highways England

In terms of scope, Highways England is the government company that operates, improves and maintains all of the motorways and major A-roads in the country. The company is not responsible for the roads of local authorities, London, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Overall, Highway England’s road network comes to approximately 4,300 miles. This major network is responsible for carrying two thirds of heavy goods traffic and one third of all other traffic. As the economic spine of England, the company needs integrated highway engineering providers like A-one+ to keep traffic flowing safely and efficiently.

Aims for England’s roads

Each partner of Highways England is tasked with helping the company realise three core aims across the country’s road network, covering the following:

  • Journeys must be reliable, with delays being infrequent.
  • Everyone has to be safe when travelling or working on roads.
  • Roads have to be accessible and integrated to give people the freedom to choose their preferred transport mode.

Highways England also has wider aims, with support for economic growth a priority. In doing so, the company wants to maintain a road network with minimal delays, capable of opening up areas, supports businesses and creates new jobs. In the longer-term, Highways England is also committed to work sustainably to reduce the environmental impact of its activities.

A-one+ has proven its value to Highways England by winning four concurrent high engineering contracts, which is the maximum possible number permitted for external providers. In the future, we will continue to work with Highways England as a high-priority client.

For any queries about Highways England please contact them directly by email on info@highwaysengland.co.uk or by phone on 0300 123 5000.