Our Client

Working with single client Highways England providing the full range of maintenance and asset management has made A-one+ the all-encompassing highway engineering company of today.




Highways England gave us the opportunity to realise our vision of working as one team to deliver highway excellence. Since 2003, the government company has entrusted A-one+ with completing a diverse range of maintenance, incident response, weather management and road engineering duties across some 4,300 miles of major network.

To win a contract with Highways England, a company has to prove it can measure up to a set of top-level targets. These are to ensure that roads are free flowing, safe, serviceable, accessible and integrated. In addition, Highways England also aims to support economic growth and find environmental benefits.

There is much more information on our client Highways England. Simply view the government company’s webpage page for more details.


Collaborative Maintenance Partnering

Working on behalf of Highways England provides a platform for A-one+ to collaborate with multiple local authorities on a range of projects. One standout example was the A64 in Yorkshire and Humber Area 12, which called for A-one+ to work together with a few different authorities for one central aim. This enabled us to understand the nuances of delivering success to multiple stakeholders.

On that particular project, A-one+ handed more than £450,000 worth of annual savings to the  local authorities. We are keen to replicate these results on future partnering projects.

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